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CPS Clickers - Part 1

Page history last edited by Cheryl 10 years, 7 months ago

Instructor: Brian Scully, Starpoint Middle School 210-2203 ext. 5604, bscully@starpointcsd.org


Itinerary for Beginner's Workshop (Day One)


  • CPS Demonstration
  • Engage Verbal Mode, then Teacher Mode
  • Download / Install Software
  • Set up Databases
  • Look at Tabs across top.
  • Enter Students / Set Default Class
  • Set up Hardware / Detect Hardware
  • Create Content for CPS
    1. Using Verbal Mode
    2. Using Fastgrade Astronomy Test.doc
    3. Create Lesson
    4. Using the Question Editor
    5. Changing Fonts, adding pictures
    6. Response Types
  • Time to create Lesson
  • Engage Lesson with participants
  • Running Reports
  • eInstruction online resources





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