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GPS - Geocaching

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Instructor: Brian Scully, Starpoint Middle School 210-2203 ext. 5604,bscully@starpointcsd.org


Global Positioning System Receivers can be used in any subject area in order to turn a static lesson into an adventure. With some pre-planning, the lesson can be reused every year.





The links below are courtesy of Tracy Trimpe at Science Spot:

**GIS2GPS.com** - A great resource for educators looking for ways to use GPS technology to enhance your classroom lessons! Visit the GPS area for ideas for geocaching, lesson plans, and more.

**ARC Lessons** - A large collection of lesson plans using ArcView or ArcVoyager software.

**CHICOS Classroom** - This site offers two GPS lessons - Follow Me if You Can and Catch Me if You Can .

**Educaching.com** - A great resource for ready-to-use lessons to incorporate GPS technology into your classroom.

**EduScapes - Geocaching with Kids** - Browse this article for tips and tricks related to geocaching with kids. The website also provides information for finding and creating geocaches as well as frequently asked questions.

**From A Distance** - Explore this site from NASA to find lesson plans and resources to help your students learn more about remote sensing, GIS, and GPS.

**GIS Day** - Find resources to help you celebrate this special day with your students!

**GPSGames.org** - This site features several "games" using GPS receivers that might give you a few ideas for your classroom activities.

**LANE E.S.D. GPS Resources** - This website provides a wealth of information for teachers wanting to utilize GPS technology in their classrooms. Topics include resources, Geocaching, lesson plans, and real-life applications.

**The TECH - Satellite Site** * - A great site to explore with your students to learn more about how satellites work and try creating your own satellite with their interactive program.

**Trimble - All About GPS** * - Online tutorials introduce students to the basics of GPS and provides an overview of how GPS technology is used today.

**University of Virginia - GPS Activities** - Explore this site for several lessons investigation global positioning systems.

**USGS - GPS in Education** & **GIS in Education** - Explore these areas of the USGS site for a large collection of resources and lesson plans for GIS and GPS topics.

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