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Adv Foldables - Brainigami

Page history last edited by Cheryl 10 years, 9 months ago

Instructor: Mike Fisher, http://mikefisher.pbworks.com


Brainigami 2.0

New Brainigami Organizers:







CUBE - Create 3-D Nonlinguistic Representations
with images, texts, or text w/ images! See examples:
 Lily Cube.pdf
 Racism Cube.pdf
PIKISTRIPS - Comic Strip Creator to create more
Nonlinguistic Representations, Visual Vocab,
Timelines, etc. Use as basis for new Brainigami.
Example here:
 Filmstrip Templates.pdf

Critical Thinking Guide:

When you download to print, set printer to print front and back, flipping the image on the side. (Pages 1 and 2 go together, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and so on...) There is a picture of the finished product here, as you will need to cut a couple of tabs into the pages once assembled. There are guidelines to fold the guide printed directly on the document. If you have trouble, email me--my address is in the left side menu at the bottom.


Download Critical Thinking Guide Here


VocabiGami Template:

Download directions are same as for CT Guide.


external image pdf.pngMarzVocabiGami.pdf

Grab it and Go Grammar Guide Template:

 GGGG Foldable 01.pdf

 GGGG Foldable 02.pdf

 GGGG Foldable 03.pdf 




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